PaperBot Examples

Still early in the prototype/development phase, below are some of our explorations into using paper in the fields of robotics and engineering education.  Please contact us for more information.

Pull-up Man

Pull-up Man is a demonstration of rotational motion converted into linear motion.  It is a simple 2D cam action toy made from cardstock and brass fasteners.  A cam linkage on the back side converts the rotary motion of the crank to the linear motion of the man.  Here are the pieces that make up this kit:

Assembled, it looks as follows.

  Students can customize/decorate the final product to personalize to their liking.

Here is a demonstration of how it works.

Cam Shaft and Pistons

This is a 3D camshaft and pistons made from cardstock and scotch tape.

Rubber-band Car

This is a rubberband car made from a single sheet of paper, 4 styrofoam wheels, straws, some paperclips and a rubber band.

Here is the Rubber-band Car in action:


This is a hexabot made mainly from cardstock with a simple motor to drive the linkages.